my anons are the best anons

i look at them all the time, and i always forget to respond and post them but i read them all and i will respond eventually

but i just love that someone took their time to send me something so thanks anons u r A+


things im not good at:

  • everything


It seems like half the characters on Switched at Birth and The Fosters just got progressively dumber in the season finales.

Makes my stomach churn a little that people are all happy and like “YASSS” and saying the episode was perfect


When it was just a bunch of sadness and the family falling apart (the real core of the show) but no lets hoot n hollar over the last 10 seconds where they kissed because she was literally a emotional wreck.

Only time Callie trys to be with Brandon is when her life is falling apart or about to fall apart


Yeppp…super romantic. I just love seeing Callie upset as long as I get 10 seconds of Brallie.

Callie NO you didnt give up so much to be adopted


You would be giving up so much if you give up on being adopted.

All she gave up by trying to be adopted was Brandon and she can still have Brandon be there for her if she was adopted.

and wtf at the fans saying “You can’t fight love!!!!!!!!!”


if it’s toxic, problematic “love” that hinders you from living your life the way you deserve to

then yeah

yeah you can fight it and you should fight it

Brandon and Callie are toxic together. Stop pushing them onto us and pulling Callie away from the family she deserves to have. Really disappointed. What a shame to disrespect such a smart show with this redundant and problematic plot.


White women love to say up and down that “we need to support women led movies!” And scream at poc for not liking that piece of racist shit movie, Lucy.

But aint said a word about the report that shows that there are ZERO WOC LED FANTASY AND SCI FI MOVIES.

Cus “women” only matter when they are white and when this is brought up, folks will try and give you movies from 10+ years ago starring black MEN and say “theres yo representation”

But I’m sleep tho

Apparently the second single is better than this one.


per Taylor’s record rep.